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Simple Chotpoti Recipe...

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Yellow peas 200 gm

Chotpoti spice 1/4 cup

5 med Potatoes

5 Eggs

Black salt 2tbsp

Salt 2tsp

Tamarind Syrup 1/4 cup


For garnish:


Chopped onion

Chopped green chilli or Roasted Chilli flakes

Fresh cilantro

Crispy fuchka puri



*Soak peas overnight

* You may use slow cooker or pressure cooker (InstaPot) to cook and tender the peas.

*Until the Lentils are soft but whole in shape.

*now add 5 boiled or baked potatoes. Cut into cubes.

*add chotpoti spices, black salt, salt and mix them well together.

*now cook for one hour in high setting.

*Add hard boiled egg. Cut them in pieces.

*keep it warm in the cooker while serving.

*add tamarind juice and mix well together.

*now in a bowl take chotpoti garnish with chopped onion, green chilli or chilli flakes, fresh cilantro & crispy fuchka.

*serve warm.

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